Liz Mok

Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen

There’s a contagious entrepreneurial spirit in Ottawa and lots of comradery and support from the local community.”

After spending her childhood moving between Hong Kong and Vancouver, Liz decided to finally set roots in Ottawa when she was accepted to Carleton University and discovered her foodie inklings. Pulling from her Hong Kong heritage Liz launched an Asian-inspired ice-cream truffle stand, the first of its kind to hit the Ottawa Farmers Market. Soon, her two-bite truffles were being featured on the dessert menus in restaurants across the city. Just a year later, Moo Shu Ice Cream finally had the brick and mortar home it deserved and a constant lineup of small-batch devotees to prove it. The best part of the shop is that it mixes fan favourites with a rotating lineup of flavours you could never have imagined. Staying true to her farmers market start, Liz incorporates fresh local produce into her creations and no flavor is left untasted.


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